Artist statement

My artistic focus lies on exploring the medium of drawing. I work in thematic series, which I present as murals, drawn installations or within showcases.
I am interested in pictorial worlds, which dissolve the boundaries between objective reality and magic realism, offering reference to everyday life. The female figures within this world are often involved in ritualized occupations, acting as archaic representatives for different generations and cultures.

My drawings result from a time-consuming search. While creating a piece of work, I go through a complex system of working phases, including research of terminology, imagery and content, staging models in the studio and developing an archive of »search-drawings«. During this process, I develop translations for structures, materialities and textures as well as for atmospheres and emotions which I later quote in my series. Over the years, an extensive archive of search-drawings has emerged. In this process, time is as essential as paper, graphite and coloured pencil. Regarding the imagery, the observer will experience the concept of slowness and time preserved in each drawing.

My drawings want to communicate, transform, amend and scrutinise, be a mirror for thoughts, wishes, dreams and memories. They want to pose a riddle, be ambiguous, oscillating between suggestion and mystery, tranquillity and chaos, confidence and threat. They want to be incomplete, offering an interval for thoughts and dreams. They want to stretch towards their limits, stay unpredictable, making time and space perceptible.

Nikola Röthemeyer, June 2014