Jordan Nassar
FadenSpiele II at Kuckei + Kuckei

The works by Nikola Röthemeyer that make up her solo exhibition at Kuckei + Kuckei are gorgeously delicate, stylized, and full of interesting and thoughtful content. With the basic conceptual incentive of examining the process and stages of silk-fabric production, Röthemeyer seems to run wild with semi-surreal depictions of women working, sometimes whimsically assisted by animals, and surrounded by deconstructed furniture and production machinery. Röthemeyer’s technique is impressive and beautiful, with some of the large-scale drawings on paper containing unfinished elements – gentle suggestions of what might be there, or about to appear. Glass vitrines with small character studies and sketches anoint the exhibition with a slightly more abstracted depiction of the elements in the large works, giving the viewer plenty to look at.

in: EYEOUT Berlin, April 10, 2012