Jörg van den Berg
Fascinating meticulousness

The meticulousness in these drawings can be as fascinating as they are disturbing. At first, everything seems like figuration: women, animals and plants fill the pages. And yet, the drawings leave plenty of white space. The void of the white paper is always preserved, and in the spaces between the figures and objects, time seems to stand still. You begin to fill in the void with stories in which reality and dreams mingle to create their own tableau of reality. In recent years, a certain renaissance of ‹classic› drawing has been observed in emerging art. Certainly, it’s a backlash against increasingly loud, expansive spectacle in the arts. Nikola Röthemeyer is one of the few artists who work exclusively in the medium of drawing. Her small works have to go through an extremely lengthy development process, which is what leads to the perfection of the final product. Each of her drawings is a small masterpiece, because it effortlessly fills huge walls and entire rooms.

Jörg van den Berg (Curator of the Friedrichshafen Kunstverein) on Nikola Röthemeyer, in: MANSORY AUTOMOTIVE & LIFESTYLE No. 4, April 2013